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Hair mousse may seem like a thing of the past, but we assure you it's not. For years we've been touting the styling powers of sculpting foams and lotions, and we're thrilled that some of our favorite products are once again making an appearance in nearly every stylists' kits and on the manes of some of our favorite muses. So, if you think crunchy curls when we say "mousse," let us introduce you to the *magic* of this must-have styler. 

Goodbye crunch, hello beautiful hair days

If you're new to mousse and styling foams, here is the most important thing to know: styling foams are easy to use and offer loads of great-hair-day benefits. Think hold, body, shine and texture. Ever wonder why your co-worker's blowout lasts so much longer than yours? Or why that celebrity hair crush always has the best wavy texture? Chances are it's because she’s using a styling foam. Nearly every Paul Mitchell stylist will tell you that the key to keeping even the most basic style—from soft curls to a voluminous blowout—starts with mousse. Modern formulas nix the crunch-factor and instead create soft, totally-touchable results that last.

Why, how, when

When it comes to introducing styling foams into your daily routine, it's as simple as this: wash, towel dry, apply a handful of mousse starting at your roots and work through your ends. Then blow-dry into your hair. Simple, right? Beyond the ease of application, here are a few stylist tips:

Curl girls, always use a moisturizing formula and a diffuser when you blow-dry your hair to minimize frizz and keep your tendrils intact.

Ladies with fine strands, use a volumizing mousse to give your hair body and hold. Our pros suggest applying Extra-Body Sculpting Foam® from your roots to your ends, and using a blow-dryer and round brush to create lasting volume.

Girls with wavy hair, you're in for such a treat. Enhance your already gorgeous texture with a light hold foam and gently air dry your hair to keep it shiny, manageable and full of body. And don’t forget to stock up on Dry Wash® to make your style last and last.

Putting your hair up? Don't overlook the styling magic of mousse. When you start with a smooth and manageable base full of shine and body, your end result will be easier to achieve. A simple ballerina bun stays sleek and smooth, a wispy, braided look stays put for a night of dancing, and a sky-high, sleek ponytail has volume and shine that anyone would envy.

Intrigued? Visit your local Paul Mitchell stylist to determine which styling foam is best for your hair type and styling routine.