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I often refer to steam treatments as food for natural hair. Whether you're a transitioning newbie or a natural vet your hair can benefit greatly from a steam treatment. So what is a steam treatment you ask? A steam, or hydration, treatment is a conditioning process that takes place under a hooded steamer that converts water into steam to condition hair. After distributing your favorite conditioner and oils throughout the hair, you sit under the steamer for 5-15 minutes to give you maximum moisture your tresses will love! The moist heat from the steam lifts the hair cuticle which allows the conditioner to work itself further into the hair. It's relaxing and more importantly you're feeding your hair! And don't all living things need food to flourish? 😄 Other benefits include hair growth, longer lasting styles, less breakage and a softer and silkier press if that's your style choice for the week! If you're rocking a natural style for the week then that added moisture from steaming even helps those curls pop. Let's face it, we all know the secret to an amazing wash-n-go or twist out is bomb definition! Are you ready to steam yet? Make sure you add it to your next visit! See you soon!